Delivery Information


Australia Post have advised that they remain fully operational across Australia. If however you do experience delays please accept our sincerest apologies and know that we are processing and dispatching orders as usual.  

Australia Post is experiencing significant delays due to limited flights, social distancing requirements and a substantial increase in parcel volumes as more people shop online.

Please note that Australia Post cannot guarantee next day delivery for Express Post.  Express Post is still available but parcels may not be delivered next business day every time.

For more information about changes to services please visit Australia Post 

We thank you for your patience and your understanding in this matter. 

Dispatch and delivery:

We have an extremely good track record delivering orders on time and in good condition. We use Australia Post for all deliveries. To follow is a guide of how our dispatch process works and the various dispatch & delivery options. Dispatch times and delivery times are dependent on how you pay, so please read carefully. We will do everything in our power to ensure your order is dispatched in the fastest possible manner.

Due to the number of parcels being dispatched daily, all orders must be paid prior to dispatch.

Australia Post – postcode finder

Payment methods may effect dispatch and delivery times.

Your method of payment will determine how quickly your order is processed. This is due to the online banking rules. Please read the following:


1. CREDIT CARD – payments made by credit card are usually processed immediately. This is the fastest way to order. We can process your order as soon as we confirm your payment in our system. This is an automatic process and will ensure your order leaves us as fast as possible.

2. CREDIT CARD – EXPRESS POST – If you use CREDIT CARD and select Express Postage, your order will be dispatched in the next mail delivery.

If you order and pay before 2.00pm EST, your order will leave the same day as long as it is a business day. Orders placed on the weekend cannot be mailed until the Monday.

If your order & or payment arrives after 3.00pm, your order will be dispatched on the next business working day.

You may not be sure if you are located in a postage zone serviced with express post. Click here to see a list of zones where Express orders can be delivered .

3. CREDIT CARD – REGULAR POST – If you use CREDIT CARD and select Regular Postage, your order will be dispatched within 2-4 business days from date of order.  While we make every effort to dispatch orders in a timely manner, in high periods of demand orders are guaranteed to be dispatched within 30 days from ordering. Credit card payments usually clear in our system the same day. Orders placed on a weekend will be treated as if placed on a Monday.


1. BPAY/Bank Transfer – REGULAR POST – payments made by BPAY may take 24 – 48 hours to arrive in our system.  Your order will not be dispatched until your payment is confirmed. Once your payment is confirmed your order will be dispatched within 2-4 business days. While we make every effort to dispatch orders in a timely manner, in high periods of demand orders are guaranteed to be dispatched within 30 days from ordering.  Orders placed on a weekend will be treated as if placed on a Monday.

2. BPAY/Bank Transfer – EXPRESS POST – If you use BPAY and select Express Post, your order will be dispatched after your payment has been confirmed.  Your payment may take 24 – 48 hours to arrive in our system and once we receive confirmation your order will be dispatched within 24 hours.


All public holidays usually delay all orders by 24 hours.


Adelaide and Suburbs: 5000-5109; 5111-5113; 5154-5155; 5158-5166; 5800-5999

Brisbane and Suburbs: 4000-4179

Canberra and Suburbs: 0200-0250; 2600-2620; 2900-2920

Geelong and Suburbs: 3215-3220

Gold Coast: 4210-4221; 4223-4227; 2484-2490; 9726; 9728-9729

Gosford Region: 2250-2263

Hobart & Suburbs: 7000-7018; 7050-7053; 7055

Ipswich: 4305

Launceston: 7248-7250

Melbourne and Suburbs: 3000-3023; 3025-3089; 3095-3096; 3100-3105; 3108-3110; 3118-3133; 3135-3138; 3140-3153; 3155-3156; 3161-3207; 3211; 8000-8899. 3134 – Ringwod only. Morwell 3840

Newcastle: 2280-2310

Strathpine/Caboolture: 4500-4510

Sydney and Suburbs: 1000-1920; 2000-2077; 2084-2096; 2100-2104; 2109-2125; 2128-2155; 2157; 2160-2170; 2173-2174; 2190-2232; 2234; 2555-2557; 2560-2567; 2748; 2750-2751; 2760; 2762-2764; 2766-2768; 2773

Toowoomba – City of: 4350

Perth and Suburbs: 6000-6031; 6050-6066; 6070-6073; 6090-6112; 6147-6176; 6800-6960

Wollongong Area: 2500-2530

All State SA Regional Network as well as listed above 5000-5109; 5111-5118; 5131-5144; 5150-5155; 5157-5214; 5232-5244; 5800-5999 Barossa Valley 5351-5372 Murray Bridge 5253-5262 Port Augusta 5700 Port Lincoln 5606 Port Pirie 5540 Riverland 5320-5346 South East 5263-5290 Yorke Peninsula 5554; 5556; 5558 Note: Outside metropolitan areas guaranteed service is to townships only.

ALL ORDERS: Please add the Australia Post normal delivery times/days to the above estimates.

POSTCODES: You can locate your postcode at: Australia Post

Please note the difference between “Delivery time” and “Dispatched time”.

1. Dispatch time – means the time or date the order is dispatched , it does not mean the day you will receive your order.

2. Delivery time – means the time it takes an order to arrive at its destination. It does not mean the time or day you expect the Post to be delivered.

Dispatched in good faith:

We will always endeavor to dispatch items within the above stated times, however is not a guarantee of delivery within the time stated. Delivery is out of our hands once the order is dispatched. The order is then in the hands of the postal service. We are then all reliant upon the postal service to deliver on time!

If an item is listed on our website and the item becomes unavailable from our supplier, we will not automatically supply something similar. We will endeavor to contact you via email OR telephone and offer you a refund or a product of similar value – whatever you prefer – it’s your choice!

If an item becomes permanently unavailable from a supplier, we will cease to offer it on our website. is a website owned and operated by City Time Watchmakers.