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Adina Kensington Dress Watch CT104 G1RS (Black)

Original price was: $329.00.Current price is: $296.10.

A symphony of emotions, which will be hard to articulate is sure to go off the moment you grace your wrist with this minimalist, classic flat line Adina Kensington dress watch CT104 G1RS(B).  The cool feel of the gold plated stainless steel case, both sturdy and light weight will delight as the the soft leather strap bonds with the skin. It is a question for the ages answered. This as with every Adina Watch has been designed and meticulously assembled by hand in Brisbane Australia. 2 year warranty.

Adina Kensington dress watch CT104 G1RS(B) This flat line, timeless, minimalist 38mm stunning  polished bezel, stainless steel Adina Kensington dress watch CT104 G1RS(B) houses a fully repairable Swiss movement, in addition the case is equipped with a sapphire crystal for unparalleled aesthetics and scratch resistance. The Adina Kensington Collection all being 3atm water resistant are designed for everyday use and lasting beauty. A luxurious looking and feeling soft tan leather strap compliments this contemporary timepiece. Also available in polished rose gold or classic steel finishes, this watch as with all Adina watches was meticulously hand assembled by a watchmaker in Brisbane, Australia.